Exercise & Skin

Exercise & Skin

You’ve got a great body exercise program, how is your workout skin routine?

Read this to learn about how exercise improves the quality of skin and tips for a healthy workout skin routine. 

Exercise helps increase blood flow that nourishes skin cells to keep them vital. When you exercise, your arteries open up and allow more blood to reach your skin to deliver nutrients and repair free radical damage from UV rays and environmental factors. Improved blood flow also helps the body carry away toxins, even from your skin.

Exercise has also been shown to help regulate hormones and reduce stress and anxiety. This can help reduce breakouts as the sebaceous glands that produce the oil in your skin are influenced by stress hormones.

When you break out into a sweat during a workout, it is like a mini facial. Your pores will expand and the sweat will release any trapped dirt and excess oils from your skin.

A good work out also helps reduce overall body wide inflammation which can reduce puffiness around the eyes and cheeks.

Tips for skin care and working out:

  1. Never wear makeup while working out. It will block your pores and can lead to breakouts.

  2. If you sweat a lot, go light on your moisturizer or serums before your workout, sometimes a few mists of your toner can provide enough moisture until you breakout into a sweat.

  3. If you use a gym towel to wipe away sweat, bring your own and beware of where you hang it. Places like the treadmill arm rest has bacteria growing that could get into your pores. A great tip is to use a towel with a logo to be sure the logo side is always facing up and always dap with the same side up.

  4. Always thoroughly cleanse your face immediately after a workout so that all the lifted dirt and sweat is removed from your skin and doesn’t get trapped back in your pores.

  5. Drink lots of water so your skin doesn’t become dehydrated (during and after the workout).

  6. Make sure to tone your skin after your workout, your sweat is acidic and can affect the overall pH balance of the skin.

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