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Big thank you to Ksenia Thurgood, aka Mlle Fab, for featuring Morphology in her blog!

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When Ksenia is jet set, the Morphology travel size serums fit perfect in her carry-on luggage. Morphology serums are light weight, fast absorbing and great for hot or cold climates. Whether you are heading south to get some sun or hitting the slopes this winter, bring Morphology skin care with you to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh!

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6 Ways to get the most out of your toner

Balancing Champa Toner

Why use a toner?

Toners help with balancing the skin's acidity level and removing any extra impurities on the skin. They are also hydrating and contain elements that help soothe and calm the skin. 

Sensory Benefits

Toners that use natural flower water can also have mood-boosting properties. It is important that the sent is from natural ingredients in the formula and does not contain added synthetic fragrances which could have the opposite effect.

For example, toners with rose water provide an aromatic floral escape that calms the mind and can relax you.  Whereas the exotic sent from the champa flower is known for its aphrodisiac effects.  

What type of toner is best for me?

We recommend the Hydrating Rose Toner for dry to normal skin and the Balancing Champa Toner for normal to oily skin. Beware of toners containing alcohol as this ingredient can be too drying, even for oily skin. 

How do I get the most out of my toner?

There are many ways to get the most benefits out of your toner, including the following guidelines.

1. Cleansing Method

  • Use the toner on freshly cleansed skin.
  • Apply 3 to 4 sprays to a cotton ball or pad and gently rub the cotton ball or pad over your skin in a circular pattern to remove excess impurities from your skin. 
  • Don't forget around your ears, neck and up to your hairline!
  • Wait 30 seconds or until the remaining toner left on the skin is fully absorbed, then apply your face serum.

2. Leave it on!

  • Toner is to be left on after applied and not washed off.

3. Added Hydration

  • After you have applied your serums, mist one or two sprays over your face for added hydration.

4. Balance the T-zone

  • If your skin is oily mid day, gently blot your t-zone with a tissue and mist an oil control toner in the air and step your face in the path (over makeup is fine).
  • By balancing the pH of the skin and adding light hydration can help control oil production.
  • If you remove the oils without adding back some added moisture, it could cause your skin to go into overdrive and produce excess oils. 

5. Sensory Experience

  • Apply throughout the day at lunch, dinner time or on a break to energize the skin and boost your mood.
  • Spritz the toner in the air in front of your face, close your eyes and step through the mist.
  • Deeply inhale the sent and breath out as you relax your body and enjoy the sensory experience and feeling of fresh skin. 

6. Set your Makeup

  • Toner can also be misted to set your makeup and used throughout the day to revitalize skin and give you a natural healthy glow.
  • Always remember, healthy dewy skin looks more youthful. 
  • No one wants a powder face!


About Morphology:

Morphology is an online-based Canadian skin care company dedicated to empowering women around the world. Morphology offers innovative beauty products that are derived with safe ingredients and developed through scientific studies and published research. Morphology products have the highest concentration possible of the active ingredients in their formulas for maximum results. 

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The good, the bad and ugly about inflammation and skin aging

As we continue to learn more about the aging process, research has linked aging to inflammation. Inflammation is a complex biological function and while it is part of the body’s healing process, in chronic situations it can be destructive.

Inflammation of the skin can be mild and experienced as puffiness or can progress into more sever conditions like rashes, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis.

Research has also shown a direct link between inflammation and acne. When your skin is inflamed, antioxidant levels are exhausted. This allows free radicals to cause oxidative damage to the oil production in your pores which creates a lower oxygen environment. Acne causing bacteria thrives in low oxygen environments and quickly multiply and cause breakouts. 

Many factors can cause inflammation such as stress, sun exposure, environmental pollution, allergies or certain types of food or drinks.

While we know that inflammation impacts the aging process, it’s also important to know that there are good and bad types of inflammation.

As inflammation is part of the skin regeneration process, it can be beneficial in controlled short term duration. Treatments such as peals, laser treatments or microdermabrasion scrubs trigger this type of acute response which stimulates the skin rejuvenation process and can make the skin appear younger.

Long term inflammation actually inhibits the body’s ability to repair itself and can cause serious tissue destruction. This type of chronic exposure break down cells overtime, reduces collagen production and causes the visual signs of aging.

Be aware of what you are exposing your body and skin to and cut down on as many factors that could be causing free radical damage as possible.

Tips to help reduce inflammation include:

Topically, it is recommended to look for products with anti-inflammatory elements such as Aloe Vera or green tea extract which is a powerful antioxidant and can protect your skin against environmental aggressors.

Let us know what you think below and leave a comment! If you have any more tips on how to reduce inflammation please share with our community by leaving a comment. 

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What's your motivation?

Morphology Motivation

Motivation is a powerful concept; it can define you as a person and drive you to new heights. But what motivates you?

Setting your goals is one thing, but knowing your WHY is a game changer. Motivation is the spark that keeps you going when you are ready to give up or the push to make you get through any obstacles.  

Accomplishing anything new or changing your life is hard; you can get tired, burnt out and disappointed with the path. But if you have a clear purpose for why you are pushing through the challenges in your life, your motivation will always overcome the hard times and provide you hope. Hope will persevere, even when you have failed, it will help you start over and try again. Never give up!  

Motivation is so important; it can change your entire mindset and bring you on new paths. It inspires others and creates leaders. Focused motivation has the power to change your life and the world around you.

Motivation can be many different things, it can be health, family, business, career, personal reasons or to help others. Finding your motivation is the first step to success, so how do you find it?

The deeper you dig for your motivation the stronger the connection will be with your life purpose. It is important to have a clear vision of what motivates you, picture the end result and aim high! Only you have the power to create your own motivation.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help define your motivation

  • Who am I?
  • Who do I want to be and what does that look like?
  • What’s important to me, what is my mission in life?
  • What is missing in my life?
  • If I reached this goal how would that change who I am today?
  • What type of world do I want to be in and how can I help?
  • What makes me happy and feel loved?

We encourage you to find your motivation, we here at Morphology know what motivates us!

Morphology Skin Care & Cosmetics Inc. is dedicated to helping empower women around the world. We believe that by connecting women through beauty products we can help change the world. 

We have pledged that all initial profits from the sales of our products will be donated to the Amarok Society to open a school for women in Bangladesh

Once this goal has been reached, all profits from our CHAMPA Balancing Toner will be donated to the Amarok Society, as long as the product is available and we are in operation.

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Exercise & Skin

Exercise & Skin

You’ve got a great body exercise program, how is your workout skin routine?

Read this to learn about how exercise improves the quality of skin and tips for a healthy workout skin routine. 

Exercise helps increase blood flow that nourishes skin cells to keep them vital. When you exercise, your arteries open up and allow more blood to reach your skin to deliver nutrients and repair free radical damage from UV rays and environmental factors. Improved blood flow also helps the body carry away toxins, even from your skin.

Exercise has also been shown to help regulate hormones and reduce stress and anxiety. This can help reduce breakouts as the sebaceous glands that produce the oil in your skin are influenced by stress hormones.

When you break out into a sweat during a workout, it is like a mini facial. Your pores will expand and the sweat will release any trapped dirt and excess oils from your skin.

A good work out also helps reduce overall body wide inflammation which can reduce puffiness around the eyes and cheeks.

Tips for skin care and working out:

  1. Never wear makeup while working out. It will block your pores and can lead to breakouts.

  2. If you sweat a lot, go light on your moisturizer or serums before your workout, sometimes a few mists of your toner can provide enough moisture until you breakout into a sweat.

  3. If you use a gym towel to wipe away sweat, bring your own and beware of where you hang it. Places like the treadmill arm rest has bacteria growing that could get into your pores. A great tip is to use a towel with a logo to be sure the logo side is always facing up and always dap with the same side up.

  4. Always thoroughly cleanse your face immediately after a workout so that all the lifted dirt and sweat is removed from your skin and doesn’t get trapped back in your pores.

  5. Drink lots of water so your skin doesn’t become dehydrated (during and after the workout).

  6. Make sure to tone your skin after your workout, your sweat is acidic and can affect the overall pH balance of the skin.
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